Employee referral program


At JMJ Construction Solutions, we strive to find and hire the best talent available – people who exude our values and choose to contribute to our company goals.  We believe that our existing employees, who already meet these criteria, are in a great position to help us find the best candidates.  We recognize that current employees are likely to refer only those individuals best suited to work at our company, and therefore we wish to reward them for their referral efforts.



We accept employee referrals for any open position listed on our company job board.  We also welcome referrals for highly skilled individuals who may not match up exactly with a posted job.



To reward employees who participate in this program, we provide the following incentives, which are stackable:

  • $25 for any referral submitted who participates in an interview the company
  • $2,000 for any referral submitted who is hired by the company and remains in their position for 90 days
  • One (1) additional day of paid time off (PTO) for every three (3) referrals submitted and interviewed.